Message from the President of MRPMA

Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacturer’s Association (MRPMA)


First of all, I am delighted to be elected as the President of MRPMA for the term 2020-2022. I would like to thank the members of the Association for your continuous support. With the opportunity given, I, together with my committee, would do our best and work hard to contribute to the Malaysian rubber products manufacturing industry.

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for most of us in the manufacturing industry due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Malaysia has been largely impacted, likewise with countries around the world. The Movement Control Order imposed has no doubt caused tremendous losses in terms of economic. We are however positive as the Malaysian rubber industry is poised from the need arising from the impact of COVID-19 especially rubber gloves and other disposable medical rubber products which were one of the personal protective essentials in fighting against COVID-19.

Malaysia has dominated the global gloves market by capturing more than 60% of total world exports in 2019 and is ahead of its closest competitors in 2020 which are Thailand, China, and Indonesia. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, demand has exceeded supply for rubber gloves, and this supernormal demand is expected to persist over the next two years.

In the coming year, MRPMA will be organizing MRPMA Rubber Industry Conference (MRIC) in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting and the Annual Dinner. We intend to hold this conference every year and it will showcase various rubber products by our manufacturers. The event also includes presentations of research papers.  With this, members of the Association get to promote their products and services to the domestic market.

Besides, we will also be organizing the International Rubber Industry Convention and Expo (IRICE) in 2021 and 2023.  This is planned to champion the course of the growth and development of the downstream sectors of the Malaysian rubber industry. This event, which will focus mainly on the dry rubber sector, will benefit our members especially the Small and Medium Enterprises in identifying new market opportunities.

This year, MRPMA has also signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre where the latter will collaborate with us to assist our members in improving their staff in terms of working skills hence moving nearer towards Smart Manufacturing and IR 4.0.

What has been most exciting this year for me is that MRPMA has committed to helping our local rubber smallholders and tappers’ families to promote the 100% rubber-leaves flower handicraft produced by these creative hard earners. Other than that, MRPMA will also help to promote the natural latex paintings made by some local talents in the rubber industry.  These beautifully made products can be gifted as souvenirs or as art decorations. With this initiative, MRPMA hopes to contribute to the rubber community and smallholders so that all of us could grow together.

Last but not least, I hope MRPMA will be able to bring more benefits to our members and more of the industry players will join us as a family. I am looking forward to working together with members of the Association in uplifting the rubber industry to greater heights.

Thank you.

Yeaw Kok Kwey