Membership application form

Membership application form

Please fill in the details and email or fax the form to the contact as per below:


1A Jalan USJ 11/1J, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.  

Tel: 6 03 5631 6150/51   Fax: 6 03 5631 6152   




We wish to become an ORDINARY/ASSOCIATE Member of the Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacturers’ Association (MRPMA) and append below the particulars of our Company / Organisation

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Name of Company (required)

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Date of Incorporation

Paid up Capital

Authorized Capital

No. of Employee

Our company is a Member of the following organizations / trade associations:

Name of Chief Executive

Name of MRPMA liason and designation

Phone Number of MRPMA Liason(required)

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Explanatory Notes

Types of Membership

Ordinary Member:   

Any person, firm or company carrying on business in Malaysia as a Membership  manufacturer of all kinds of rubber products is eligible to become an Ordinary Member

Associate Member:  

Any person,  firm or company or unincorporated engaged  in  any business directly related to the industry may become an Associate Member.

Entrance Fee & Subscription

Ordinary Member:

Annual subscriptions, payable in advance will be levied an accordance with the following scale:

 Table 1: Ordinary Member

No.  Paid Up Capital (RM)  Annual Subscription (RM)
1. < 0.25 million 500.00
2.     0.25 million but < 0.5 million 750.00
3. 0.5 million but < 1 million 1,000.00
4. 1 million but < 10 million 2,000.00
5. 10 million and above 3,000.00

 Table 2: Associate Member

No. Paid Up Capital (RM) Annual Subscription (RM)
1. < 0.45 million 500.00
2. 0.45 million but < 1 million 1,500.00
3. 1 million and above 2,000.00


Entrance Fee :

A one-time payment of RM200.00 for both Ordinary and Associate members


Method of payment :

  • Method of Cheque should be made payable to “MALAYSIAN RUBBER PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS’ payment ASSOCIATION”, crossed and marked account payee only.
  • For Bank Transfer, our Bank A/C:  PBB 3090128919. Name of Bank:  Public Bank Berhad, Subang Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia.  SWIFT code. PBBEMYKL (Bank charges for the transfer/remittance  should  be  borne by  the sender,  i.e. the nett amount received should tally with the amount stated above).
  • The Application Form together with the cheque or Bank Remittance Advice should be forwarded to the Secretariat Office as per address given.